unpredictable life

What to do When the Past Starts Sneaking In

So the other day I mentioned that I think about the good times and the bad times, but mostly the good memories are starting to sneak back into my mind about my ex. I can talk about this openly because I share this information with nearly anyone who will listen. It’s important for people to understand that, just because you’ve left the situation, doesn’t mean you won’t sometimes miss it or yearn for the good that was there.

You can Create the Life You Want

You see, life isn’t a straight line from point A to point B. I am pretty sure once I got into my late 20s I started to realize that life won’t always go the way you had planned. Things will happen to test your endurance, your confidence, your strength, your loyalty and so on. You will fail some of these tests, but I don’t call it a failure unless you give up.