Will Walking Help You Lose Weight?

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If you’re on a weight loss journey or want to be and have been researching, chances are you’ve seen at least one thing on how to walk to lose weight and wondered: does walk help to lose weight? It seems like such an easy and simple thing to do, so how could it possible make that much of a difference in your weight and health?

Well, walking to lose weight is actually a really common and easy practice that can help almost anybody trying to trim pounds. Here’s a little bit of information to answer your question of does walk help to lose weight.

 First let’s answer the main question in how to walk to lose weight: does walk help to lose weight? The short answer is yes. The long answer will get into why it can help, how it works, and what is needed to be able to get that result. Since weight loss is so vastly different per person, so is walking to lose weight.

 How Does Walking Help Lose Weight?

 One of the biggest ways that walking helps with weight goals is that it gets you moving. Any time you would normally spend sitting being replaced with walking means more calories burned, more movement in your day, improvement in your body and mind, and so much more. 

So, does walking help me lose weight?


But how?

Walking firstly helps to improve your body’s digestion at a very base level. Regardless of how used to exercise you are, walking gets your body moving and working so that you digest food, metabolize more food into energy, and have a better ability to truly function.

Secondly, how many minutes walk to lose weight is important in does walk help to lose weight. You can’t just walk for one minute and instantly lose weight, obviously. On average, the recommendation is at least one hour of brisk walking per day when discussing how to walk to lose weight. But this can increase or decrease for tolerance.

If you’ve never walked for exercise before, start small. Somebody that has a lot of weight to lose and has never brisk walked for exercise could see results from just 10 minutes of brisk walking a day for the first week. But somebody that has walked before would have to start higher, or even surpass the one hour recommendation.

Walking is able to help your body get moving and produce better chemicals that help boost your mood, digestion, and immunity. With better digestion comes better metabolism, which means you actually use what calories you eat and your body can also start to metabolize fat in your body for energy easier.

How To Walk To Lose Weight?

You can check out this Walking Away the Inches Guide to learn more about some ideas and ways that have worked great to be able to lose inches and pounds from walking. It really answers the question of does walk help to lose weight since there are quite useful graphics and results to help you see for yourself.

But, if you want to know the basics you want to be able to walk for up to or over at least one hour per day, that can be split up as much as you want across the day too. So if you want to walk after eating for better digestion you can do 15 minutes after every meal and the last 15 minutes any other time you get a chance.

How to walk to lose weight works best if you listen to your body and work up from where you’re comfortable. If you go out for a walk or use a treadmill and find you’re tired after 15 minutes, let that be your starting point. Either meaning you do 15 minutes at a time, or just 15 minutes per day. Anything is progress.

 You also will want to change the speed and incline at which your walks take place to keep your body working and not too used to the exercise. For example, treadmills are often easy to adjust this. Or go out and find a hiking trail that is within your skill level to try walking in a new way!

 Whether you want to use walking as a tool for your own weight loss goals and journey, or you just happened to be curious about how to walk to lose weight and if walking actually will help you achieve those goals, this gives you some great insight into how and why walking can work as a tool in weight.

You can take this information and use it however you wish, either as a motivator or just something in the back of your mind. Knowing does walk help to lose weight helps you keep this in mind as something that you could try someday if you want. 

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