You can Create the Life You Want

Someone in my life once said to me, “life is easy for you because everything works out for you.” And when they said this I just had to laugh. What a funny perspective this person whom I love and has grown up with me has. They truly think that life is easy for me, but between 2018 and 2020 I was homeless twice. The first time I was technically not your typical homeless, I stayed with my Dad and my Bonus Mom, but I was without my kids and without a residence.

You see, life isn’t a straight line from point A to point B. I am pretty sure once I got into my late 20s I started to realize that life won’t always go the way you had planned. Things will happen to test your endurance, your confidence, your strength, your loyalty, and so on. You will fail some of these tests, but I don’t call it a failure unless you give up.

That’s one thing I won’t do, give up. That is unless the “give up” is more like seeing the light that is this situation isn’t going to work or that I’ve exhausted all other options and I need to let this go. That could be a business opportunity, a relationship, or a friendship among other things.

One of the best ways to create the life you want is to be willing to try. Once you’ve been trying know when enough is enough and let it go or you’re super close to something changing for the better and to hang on.

This will mostly come down to practicing self reflection and knowing confidently where you must go and where you want to be.

How to Create a Different Life

Use the same energy you put towards negative thoughts and actions towards positive thoughts & actions every single day. This will be hard at first, but within time it comes naturally. Even I struggle with this sometimes and have to pause my mind to redirect. It takes dedication to want to think this way!

Believe that you’re valuable and worthy of creating the life you wish to live. Remember that every single one of us has made mistakes, the level of the mistakes isn’t relevant if you feel remorse and wouldn’t make that choice again. Be confident in yourself for being a better person today and remember that even the meanest people on Earth are capable and worthy of changing and creating the life they want.

Don’t underestimate the power of letting go of things that aren’t meant for you. This could be a habit, a job, a task, or some other thing you do regularly. You see, sometimes we become people pleasers who say yes to everything and that’s not healthy. Practice saying no to others when it doesn’t fit the schedule or ask if you can help another time when you have a free moment, don’t give up your precious time for anything that doesn’t help you become the person you need to be to create the life you want.

Lastly, give up on those habits that are costing money and holding you back!!! Set a quit date and use GET ON MY LIST using the form below to get notified when my quit smoking guide is edited & up for sale – I did it without a patch but I did try to use CBD cigarettes called OK smokes which lasted all but one week. I still have some on hand “just in case”, but so far I’ve not touched them much because I don’t want a secondary “habit” like that.

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The day I woke up and decided smoking cigarettes was no longer something I wanted as part of who I am was a day that I decided to “give up” on something. As you can see, quitting smoking is a good “give up” and with that came the plan to make this goal happen.

I had to use my self reflection workbook sheets to figure out who I wanted to be, what my life would look like in the future, and if smoking would fit into that – SPOILER ALERT – it didn’t fit in with what I envision my life to be in my future.

Notice that I don’t say in 5 years or 10 years, that’s because I try hard not to set a time limit on something. I simply remain confident that “x” will happen when it’s time to happen. I pay attention to the tests in between then and now to see if I’ve grown stronger. If I have become stronger, as in not letting temptation get me to give in, then I know great things are coming if I just hang on a bit longer.

Example – even though I quit smoking in April 2021 I still have cravings every so often to smoke a cigarette.

  • Now my self reflection part of it this is to see why I crave it, when I crave it, and what’s going on internally as well as externally.
  • I need to know if this is just a habit trigger or if I truly have something deeper going on that I’ve been pushing down and ignoring.

I am famous for pushing down those feelings and issues because will I have teens to raise and a life to live, a business to run, and pets to tend to. I don’t have time to handle every situation that doesn’t feel right in the immediate moment. Neither will you.

So when I have that craving for a smoke, I will make a mental note or physical note, you can use my self reflection workbook to do this exercise. Then I figure out the why behind that craving and move forward. If it’s something that isn’t right in my life, then I try to work on that by changing my mindset.

Our emotions are funny things, sometimes we can confuse our frustrations and feelings with intuition but people who practice my self reflection guide and workbook have proven to get closer to knowing when they’re using their intuition versus just an emotional response.  

I highly suggest you give the workbook below a try if you’re struggling with this concept!

I am confident at this moment in my life that I will more than double my income this year, I will lose another 50lbs this year and I will never touch a cigarette again!

I also know that I will achieve a couple other goals that I am not putting down on the internet, as it’s imperative that you NOT share EVERY goal you have – leave some information to yourself.

The first step to creating the life you want to live is to find a peaceful happy space to sit, I enjoy nature trails or rivers for this practice, do some of the activities in my self reflection guide USE PROMO CODE ICANSEE for 10% off today, and then watch as your life starts becoming everything you wished it to be.

I’m here for you, and can help guide you forward in creating the life you want to live. Let me know via email if I can help further. I am a certified Goal Success Coach ready to help you get those goals checked off so you can have people say, “life is easy for you, everything works out …” Even though you will know everything “didn’t just work out”, you put the work in and effort forward to get there.

You’ve got everything you’ve ever need inside of you right now ready to fight to create this better life. Just take it one step at a time. I have faith in you. Let’s get this done.

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